The SCULPTURE portfolio features three dimensional and relief work in a variety of media including, cedar and copper installation, iron casting, ceramic, woodworking and assemblage.

“TOWER SOUDAN, Diptych I and II,”  cast iron relief, 24 x 18, 2016

IMG_0033 2

“EYE GODDESS”, 36 x 16, pine, ceramic, fur, iron assemblage, 2019


“FIRE MASK”, stoneware, faux fur relief, 8 x14, 2019


“ARCTIC MASK,” stoneware, fox fur, 14 x 20, 2019


“FOR BEAR’S EARS”, stoneware, fox fur, 14 x 18, 2019


“KEEP OUT”, mixed media assemblage with photography, 24 x 18, 2017

2019-02-11 10.55.57

“COMPLACENT”  wood fired porcelain with iron stain, 2019


“FISSURE”, Earth Speaks Series, ceramic, faux fur assemblage relief, 16 x10, 2019


“EARTH RELIQUARY,”                    raku stoneware, black fox assemblage relief, 6 x 6, 2018


“THOMAS WILDFIRE”,    soda fired stoneware, faux fur, 12 x 6, 12/2018


“FOUR WINDS OF LIFE”, detail, kinetic sculpture installation, Classen Lake, Minnesota;  4 totems, 16′, 14′, 12, 10′, cedar, copper, recycled bicycle parts, collaboration with my art students, 2015

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