The CERAMIC portfolio includes aesthetically interesting, functional and sculptural work.  I create vessels using Minnesota clay mixes of stoneware with iron and wood fired porcelain.  The pieces are fired in Soda Ash and Cone 10 gas kilns and the Glencoe Tandava Wood Fired Kiln.  Experimenting with clay bodies, textures and glazing techniques, I create one of a kind, hand-built forms.


2019-02-11 10.54.14

“LACUNA I”, soda fired stoneware, 18″, 2019

“LACUNA II”, soda fired stoneware, front/back, 20″, 2019

Lacuna III

“STONE MOON”, stoneware, 12″, 2019



“PORTRAIT in TEMOUKU”, stoneware, 18″, 2018

3 views of “PORTRAIT”


fullsizeoutput_3b5d“FOOTED BOWLS”, wood fired porcelain, mustard terra sigillata and coffee grounds, 2019


“BANDED LANTERN”, soda ash fired stoneware, engobe



“SUSHI TRAY”, porcelain, 12″, 2018



BOX WITH LID, stoneware, iron slip, 20″, 2018



Lacuna , stoneware vase, 2019


Forest, Raku 16” x 8” 2016

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